The nautical industry have become very sensitive regarding osmosis last 20 years, generally seeing it as a mechanism for threatening the resale value of their vessels. Even some parties see all kinds of osmosis as a big structural problem of the vessel.

If a yacht hull has osmosis will affect the resale price of it, and the cost of the investment if the osmosis affect your recent purchased yacht. To avoid that, it’s strongly recommended to do an Osmosis Analysis Survey when you are more or less decided to buy a defined yacht (prior to close the buyer/seller business).

Many yachts will have a degree of osmosis below the water line, which normally will have little effect upon the structural integrity of the hull. The osmosis phenomenon can go from a little bubble of half millimetre, to a big bubble of 10 cm in diameter.

The osmosis survey will be done over the underside part of the hull when the vessel is on dry-docking. Once the hull is dry enough, the survey on site in a vessel of less than 20 meters in length could be done in a single day (if we have a proper weather conditions). The devices used by BruMed Marine Surveyors are non-destructive electronic marine moisture meters, specifically designed and calibrated for use on marine composites such as GRP (glass reinforced plastics) and marine timbers.

If the survey confirms that osmosis is present into the hull, we will notify and advise you what it’s recommended to do. Also, if necessary, we will put you in contact with the Specialists Workshops in repair Osmosis of the zone. Osmosis is not always a big problem; it depends of the stage.

The report will inform you in detail about the length of the problem, the necessary jobs to be undertaken, and a list of specialist that we recommend you, to apply for an estimation of jobs.

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