If you are not able to get to a boat BruMed Marine Surveyors can look at a boat to give you an indication of condition as a quick pre-survey inspection. You ought to choose our Consulting Express Pre-Survey Inspection if you want someone to view the yacht for you.

This is useful if you are not local to the boat, or are interested in buying a boat you have found in Spain when you live abroad. This service is a cost effective way of getting an independent set of eyes to report on the general condition. The report will provide you with a series of independently taken pictures by a marine professional along with an outline description of the vessel. It will highlight obvious faults and report on the general state of the vessel.

It does not take away the need for a pre-purchase survey, which covers structural and safety issues but will be useful if you are unable to attend the vessel yourself or you want a quick second opinion before proceeding.

What does the C.E.P. involve?
Basically, it is a general summary of the condition of the vessel for the interested parties. It’s a quick inspection of the general condition in order to find out if the yacht fulfills the main requirements expected by the future owner. Through our ‘Consulting Express Pre-Survey Inspection’, the interested parties will be able to take a decision at a low cost, if the vessel worth the money.


-Interested parties don’t need to run a long way to just have a look at the vessel’s condition, saving time and money.

-Through our Consulting Express Pre-Survey the future owner will have in 48 hours the needed information to take the decision if the yacht he saw through internet or in a nautical publication, fulfill the expected conditions.

– Our Consulting Express Pre-Survey allows to take a quick decision.

-Our C.E.P. allows huge savings in marine survey costs, because if the vessel don’t much with the expected condition of the future owner, we won’t proceed to perform a full pre-purchase survey report.

– The cost of C.E.P. will be deduct of the cost of full pre-purchase survey, if the future owner decides to perform it in the nearly future.


C.E.P. scope report is limited to evidence of structural damages, serious lack of maintenance in hull, deck, engines, accommodation areas, or rigging, showing a big picture of the historical maintenance of the vessel, and her present condition.

The cost of the C.E.P. report is around 50% lower than full pre-purchase survey.