Damage to yachts does occur, and they concern to the hull and to the machinery (H&M). It is a part of life that damage can occur to a yacht, whether it is between two vessels at sea, a static object or internally.

Damage Surveys are normally commisioned by insurance underwriters and/or insurance claims managers.Though a surveyor may be employed by an underwriter, by an owner or by other interested parties to undertake a survey of the damage. It should be remembered that such a surveyor will act on behalf of the interest of his appointed party. We will impartially assess the cause of any damage, the cost of repairs and give a view on the apportionment of liability and prospect of recovery, which can be used in the event of a dispute.

In summary, the yacht damage survey will include the following:

  • Background to the incident and the claim
  • Verification of the construction, principle dimensions and method of propulsion
  • Detailed survey and findings including comments on the damage
  • Additional information including any other parties that were present
  • Summary, conclusion and recommendations as to a course of action
  • Applicable limitations, photo log and supporting documentation, including repair estimates
  • We can also supervise the repair and establish  fair cost for the job

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