22nd -Octtober-2010


Stormy weather in Ibiza at the beginning of last week again damaged hundreds of yachts and boats, mainly yachts not properly moored at the port, or the boats not covered in a good anchorage.

We want to remember, as we already explained in our article “Interrelation between a not properly anchorage and a marine casualty”, the need of general awareness with regard to marine casualties. This awareness belong to owners (not leaving at his own luck their boats), allowed authorities (legislating and forbidding  to leave boats in places not allowed in advance, checking anchorages used by boat users, etc.). Even citizens ought to communicate to the authorities when they observe that some boat it’s anchorage in a not proper place, if the weather or sea conditions suddenly change.

To do that, as we can understand, we need a perfect trained team, which works like an automatic machine who it can react quickly, and to do corrective actions to avoid marine casualties.

Perhaps in that economical crisis seasons, it will be a good opportunity to create employment, and define a new figure called “Coast watchman”, controlled and supervised by each district council. But I’m afraid that coast is large, difficult is her continuous control, shorts are the available tools, and low is the general predisposition to avoid that yachts, crafts, vessels and boats weather the storm alone, always pending of the anchorage line.

How do you think we can solve it, or at least we can reduce to the minimum that problem?

Below you can see some examples of what happened in Ibiza last 12th and 13th of October 2010.

BruMed Marine Surveyors


Run aground yacht in Talamanca beach (Ibiza).

Run aground sailing vessel in Bahía de Santa Eulalia (Ibiza)

Catamaran and boats run aground in Bahía de Talamanca (Ibiza).