05th -July-2012

When summer season arrives at Spain, with the nice weather, higher temperatures, and summer holidays, passengers and pleasure yachts traffic is considerably increased. This is mostly experienced on the Triangle among Balearic Islands-Catalonia-Valencia.

Charter sail boat dry ground at Bahía de Pollença (Mallorca).

Balearic archipelago (Islands of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Cabrera), are the traditional destination of most megayachts which sail the Mediterranean Sea, and the temporary destination of a huge amount of yacht of Spanish mainland, France and Italy during the summer season. Balearic Islands have around 70 marinas and pleasure crafts ports, which represents nearly a 25% of the yachts ports of Spain, with more than 20.000 moorings (19% of the Spain moorings). Yacht and craft Balearic park is around 30.000 units, which are placed into the ports, marinas, dry-marinas, or anchored into calas or bays.

Passenger catamaran aground in Paguera (Mallorca).

With this huge amount of vessels in transit sailing our waters, in addition to the naval park resident of 30.000 vessels, it’s quite natural that marine casualties happen. Marine casualties increase when the traffic of vessels, yachts and Superyachts is higher, and when the yacht users are relaxed, too confident, and are sailing near the coast and into the calas to enjoy the natural environment. In addition, sometimes we have to consider that crews are not properly trained or experienced to sail in an apparent quiet sea, who it invites you to be sailed, and it is not properly known.

Sail yacht dry ground in Porto Cristo beach (Mallorca).

During our job as Marine Surveyors, we have assisted a lot of Marine Casualties in Mallorca which it was the end of crew holidays, and sometimes also the end of vessels and boats due to the important structural damages.

Passenger ferry aground over Formentera coast (Balearic Islands).

Many times those Marine Casualties have a big relation with not choosing a proper anchorage, with not paying enough attention to the sailing or port maneuvers, with low profile or experience of the crew, and sometimes due to a lack of maintenance over the vessels.

Yacht on fire at Palma bay (Mallorca).

Take in consideration all above, we strongly recommend:

  • To check the forecast before start the sailing
  • To review the nautical charts of the area intended to be sailed
  • To perform the proper maintenances of the vessels
  • To take a time to ensure that crew and captain have a right knowledge of the vessel and their equipment, and to review its proper functioning
  • Pay high attention during sailing and port maneuvers
  • To choose a proper anchorage
  • Not leave the vessel anchored without vigilance
  • In case of bad weather forecast, to evaluate is crew is properly trained to be sailing in such conditions, or to find a harbour.
  • Avoid to sail so close to the coast or in low depth water, if you don’t know the area were you are sailing
  • Any other recommendation that you think could be include here, please take it in consideration.

Sinking of pleasure yacht into a quiet sea.

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