BruMed Marine Surveyors cooperate in Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera) as expert in Marine Surveying, with the main P&I Clubs.

This insurance covers maritime liabilities incurred by ship owners, in direct connection with the operation of their vessels or yachts.
The cover protects owners against losses and liabilities towards third parties for the following major types of claims:

  • Employer’s Liability (e.g. medical expenses, repatriation, compensation claims for death or injury of Crewmembers),
  • Third party injury and death claims, (e.g. guests, day workers and persons not carried onboard)
  • Collision (Excess liability for collisions in cases where the amount of insurance under third- party liability insurance is insufficient)
  • Fixed and floating objects (e.g. damage to docks)
  • Indirect damage (e.g. caused by wakes or swells)
  • Oil and other polluting substances
  • Fines (e.g. for breach of any immigration law or regulation, in respect of accidental pollution, for smuggling or infringement of customs regulation)
  • The cover also includes costs and expenses incurred in investigating and handling claims falling within the Rules.

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