Brumed Marine Surveyors during the beginning of year 2011, has increased a lot her presence in the prestigious shipyard Servicios Técnicos Portuarios (S.T.P. Palma de Mallorca).

S.T.P. Palma has become in a referent of the yachting industry in Spain.

The current shipyard concession holder, STP Palma, has invested in new equipment and facilities, which now makes it the most modern refit facility in the western Mediterranean Sea. The facility operates five travel lifts with a maximum lift of 750T. STP manages the site infrastructure allowing the client to choose and manage their preferred sub-contractors for all required works. Due to that, BruMed Marine Surveyors can offer her Yacht and Craft Surveying services to a wider range of vessels, especially to the mega yachts sector, in a proper professional scenario.