Below we show you some examples of Marine Surveys performed by BruMed Marine Surveyors. These Marine Surveys were performed at the request of diferents parties involved in the maritime business, as boat owners, yacht brokers, insureds, insurance companies, legal tribunals, maritime lawyers, naval workshops, shipyards, others marine surveys bureau, etc.

Samples of marine surveying done by BruMed Marine Surveyors during year 2014.





Samples of marine surveying jobs done before 2014 by us.

Passenger Catamaran grounded on the coast.

General view of the stormy weather at sea, with the vessel grunded.

Crashed fishing vessel, with damages in the bow.

Repairing the bow of the fishing vessel.

Damaged keel of a sailing vessel.

Cracking bilge and shell of the hull of a sailing vessel, due to the crash of the keel with the bottom of the sea.

Damage in the fishing vessel hull near the waterline, due to hitting a floating object whilst sailing.

Damaged gearbox of a fishing vessel main engine.

Damaged fixed keel in a passenger catamaran.

Damaged propeller due to hitting with the bottom of the sea.

Damaged port hull in a leisure catamaran, due to the collision of a fishing vessel.

Hole in the port hull of a leisure catamaran, due to the collision of a fishing vessel.

Flooding into the main engine room of a yacht.

Damages in the port side of a megayacht, due to the collision of other yacht.

Valuation and condition survey in a yacht.

Damaged fore keel in a wooden hull.

Damaged starboard side in a wooden fishing vessel.

Claims due to not proper jobs done over a fixed main engine of a yacht.

Valuation and condition survey of a passenger catamaran.

Main engine breakdown in a fishing vessel.

Stern damages in a trawler fishing vessel.

Damages in the sailing vessel bow, due to a collision.

Rescue and fixing of a passenger catamaran grounded at the coast.

Blocked propellers of a yacht due to a submarine cable.

Bent superstructure of a trawler fishing vessel, due to high efforts.

Stern platform of a megayacht, due to a collision of another yacht in the marina.

Damaged rudder blade of a sailing vessel.

Damages in the lower side of sailing yacht.

Sinking of a vessel due to stormy weather.

Sinking and rescue of a small fishing vessel.

Cracking and breaking of the layers of painting and filling scheme, over a megayacht hull.

Valuation and condition survey of  a  27 meters megayacht.

Damage survey in the propeller of a 25 meters yacht.

Damaged wooden vessel due to a collision with a merchant ship.

Damages in the shell plate of a leisure boat, due to hitting with a floating object.

Damages in the aft plattform of a yacht due to hitting the dock.

Damages in the starboard tack of a wooden passenger vessel.